Tips for Better Home Security


Protecting the home isn’t just something to do once the unexpected happens. Home is where the family’s belongings are, and it’s where life happens. Today’s threats make home defense and protection a real concern, both now and for future. Here are a few tips on home security in Wellington that may help new householders keep their homes, possessions, and families safe.

Start Outside

Landscaping can be used for more than making neighbors envious—it can be used to keep intruders out of the home. For instances, red barberry plants make great hedges, but they hide thorny, thick branches under their reddish-purple leaves. When planted around the perimeter of the home, certain plants leave visitors with no choice but to go in through the door. By limiting access, the chances of a surprise attack are reduced or eliminated.

Entry Points

The householder should inventory every entry point in the home and determine how these points can be approached from outside. Deadbolts are a great choice for the home’s doors, but the throw bolt should be at least three centimetres long. Consider the doors themselves. While glass is decorative, it makes it easier for intruders to get in. Consider installing thicker doors, and ensure the door frames are solid.

Keep Quiet

When installing alarm systems in Wellington, it may be tempting to brag to the neighbours—but it is ill advised. It’s important to keep home defense measures secret, so intruders are caught off guard. Home invasions are a big concern that can be resolved by keeping the home as secure as possible. If intruders can’t get into the home, they will move on to easier targets. Like other parts of life, in home security, forewarned is forearmed.

Where alarm systems in Wellington are concerned, it is the small things that can make the difference —and it’s better to resolve these small issues before there’s a threat. By doing the hard work now, householders can be ready when trouble happens. For help setting up an alarm system, you can call on us at Dave Brown or visit us at to speak to a registered electrician.


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