Tips for Better Home Security


Protecting the home isn’t just something to do once the unexpected happens. Home is where the family’s belongings are, and it’s where life happens. Today’s threats make home defense and protection a real concern, both now and for future. Here are a few tips on home security in Wellington that may help new householders keep their homes, possessions, and families safe.

Start Outside

Landscaping can be used for more than making neighbors envious—it can be used to keep intruders out of the home. For instances, red barberry plants make great hedges, but they hide thorny, thick branches under their reddish-purple leaves. When planted around the perimeter of the home, certain plants leave visitors with no choice but to go in through the door. By limiting access, the chances of a surprise attack are reduced or eliminated.

Entry Points

The householder should inventory every entry point in the home and determine how these points can be approached from outside. Deadbolts are a great choice for the home’s doors, but the throw bolt should be at least three centimetres long. Consider the doors themselves. While glass is decorative, it makes it easier for intruders to get in. Consider installing thicker doors, and ensure the door frames are solid.

Keep Quiet

When installing alarm systems in Wellington, it may be tempting to brag to the neighbours—but it is ill advised. It’s important to keep home defense measures secret, so intruders are caught off guard. Home invasions are a big concern that can be resolved by keeping the home as secure as possible. If intruders can’t get into the home, they will move on to easier targets. Like other parts of life, in home security, forewarned is forearmed.

Where alarm systems in Wellington are concerned, it is the small things that can make the difference —and it’s better to resolve these small issues before there’s a threat. By doing the hard work now, householders can be ready when trouble happens. For help setting up an alarm system, you can call on us at Dave Brown or visit us at to speak to a registered electrician.

Lighting Trends for Any Room in Your Home


In case you are having a new house built in Wellington NZ no doubt it is an exciting time for you and most likely a bit stressful also. You most likely have a lot of general contractors and builders tending to your new house requirements. One thing that you require to understand for sure is the fact that reliable electrician Wellington services are being used.

There’s such a thing as having the basic electrical wants for an average family residence. Nevertheless, with today’s contemporary technology which is fantastic, it has also developed a need for additional electrical services that many houses do not have such as new ones. These pros make it their business to know what the requirements of the family members are which might be going to be moving into a new residence.

Frequently many of the little but essential things are overlooked. For example, what sort of house automation and control is planned for in the building of the new home? Then what about the young people that will probably be living in the home as well. If this is the case, there may be the requirement for multi-room audio capabilities, and every family looks forward to having a home theatre if not in the present then in the future.

By organising for the electrical requirements for this now, it implies not having to have it done in the future which could wind up being a large job and an added expense. It is the electrical experts who know best regarding home ventilation and safety systems. The wants for these must be recognised by the experts and not only the general contractor.

Electrician work primarily consists of setting up, upgrading and fixing electrical systems, along with handling various types of electrical apparatus. Wiring, changing fuses or circuit breakers, testing electrical circuits and repairing electrical appliances are simply a few of the many diverse work an electrician need to be able to perform effectively. Because of the various duties an electrician usually has to take on, his or her professional life is seldom dull.

Electrician work are frequently tricky and also hard, so you should always employ a competent and trusted electrician, somebody you can rely. It can also be pretty unsafe, at least in some circumstances. Therefore, you ought to simply employ an electrician who is alert to all the security rules and abides by them constantly. If you happen to notice any irregularities in this region, you need to right away dismiss your current electrician and get someone else for the job for you.

Always look for experienced professionals as a small mistake can create huge damage to your properties and even life. You must have an electrician inspect the site and bid on the job. Also provide them with the correct specification list needed to get the work done. Another important thing that you must make sure is whether the electrician is licensed and has proper insurance coverage.

A lot many people are doing electrician work but it doesn’t mean that everyone could be licensed. You can seek help from your friends, relatives or colleagues who have done any electric work recently at their home or office to get the best electrician. Recommendation from anyone is valuable when choosing any type of servicemen. Knowing that any of your friends have a positive experience with the service level offered by an electrician is a good endorsement.

An extra reason for employing somebody truly trustworthy and trustworthy is always that sloppy work can endanger lives if an accident should happen. Electrical jobs are a serious matter and should only be undertaken by professionals. So, when you’re in need of electrician work around the house, get in touch with a professional master electrician in Lower Hutt and Wellington. If you’re a do-it-yourself, maybe you should exercise your talents in other areas or, in case you do know your way around electrical appliances, stick to the easier repairs, while leaving the more complicated work in the hands of experts and people who are actually trained to do it.

Whether your house needs complete re-wiring or you’ve just blown a fuse and your electrical appliances stopped working, you should always seek the assistance of a qualified electrician. And remember that the most important thing is to be able to rely on the person you hire for quality electrician work. Electricians Wellington services being integrated with the home building plans will guarantee that all the little demands are met, as well as the major requirements that a new house needs.

There are various maintenance companies that just want to take advantage of the people in need and hard to find out the one for which you are actually looking for. One never knows when the unexpected happens, and you need to have someone who is expertise in Air condition repairing. Electrical repairs Wellington service providers easily serve your problem regarding your air conditioners.

Air conditioning is something which most of the people are used to. In the height of summer heat, it is quite difficult to survive on a fan or cooler. But, one always desires for an air conditioner which keeps their home cool ten to twenty degrees more.

The mechanism of an air conditioning is not quite complicated, and some of the people might know how to repair them. But, it is difficult to choose the best air condition maintenance company which will solve your problem on just making a call. Sometimes the money issue also creeps up in the customer’s mind and sometimes one is waiting for the trained and intelligent people for guidance. Thus, every need of the customer can be satisfied by Wellington AC repair. This ultimate pleasure is provided by the Wellington electrician through his experience and hard work.

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How to Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd


Painting your home bright pink or with glow in the dark paint will make it stand out from all other houses on the street, but perhaps there are some more subtle solutions to increasing your street appeal and make your home stand out from crowd.

Consider a large water feature like a fountain, a fruit tree, a decorative path to your front door or maybe some feature lighting to highlight the water feature, the plants, the path or the trees. Decorative lighting doesn’t have to be reserved for Christmas!

An immaculately kept front lawn and tidy garden beds will ensure your home has great street appeal. Regular maintenance will give your home a looked after and loved appearance. Should you come to sell your home it won’t take you long to get it market ready. A large water feature such as fountain or pond will look amazing but also attract a variety of wildlife to your front garden.

Add a few large statues or ornaments and you can create a stately home look for the front of your home. A sweeping driveway creates a grand path up to your front door and combined with an elaborate gate will certainly make your home stand out, especially if your gate is a wrought iron dragon!

Look at the advantages that outdoor lighting in Wellington can offer to your home:

1. Increase home security – an exterior that is well lit can deter burglars from choosing your home to break into. Positioning lights near your home, particularly under entrances and windows will light up potential burglar entry points and they will go elsewhere.

2. Create an ambient atmosphere – you can easily choose lighting to induce a specific mood so you can entertain outside as well as inside, utilise different colours or even changing colours for added effect.

3. Welcome your guests – make it easy for your guests to find your house with excellent lighting to show them where your front door is or along a side path so they don’t trip over your plants or pets.

4. Enhance landscaping – bring your garden to life at night with a completely different look than during the day. Highlight statement plants or make a feature of water and ornaments for example.

5. Increase safety – lighting on steps or on steep driveways will minimise the risk of falls and injury to family members or guests. Consider extra lighting wherever there are potential tripping hazards.

6. Pool lighting – enhance pool areas and entertain into the evening with underwater lighting or even floating lights, great for summer evening pool parties!

Bonus: exterior lighting in the winter when it’s dark in the early evening rather than at Christmas when it’s summer and you don’t get to enjoy your lighting efforts until late in the evening.

To take advantage of the services of a Master Electrician in Lower Hutt, Porirua, and Wellington, for your next lighting project contact Dave Brown. Visit for a quote on how to illuminate your home in Wellington with outdoor lighting. Contact the team for innovative outdoor lighting design that is cost effective and energy efficient as well as a consult for indoor lighting design Wellington wide.